Euzkadi Corporation of America, S.A.

Euzkadi Corporation of America, S.A. ("Euzkadi Corporation" or the "Company"), based in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is a direct producer and supplier of high-quality, affordable Non-GMO Durum and Soft Milling Wheat and other grains for human consumption for Mexico’s domestic market and also for export to the international markets.  The specifications, for Euzkadi Corporation’s durum and soft milling wheat grains, typically meet or exceed the specifications required by importers and milling operations around the world.  To attract new customers, Euzkadi Corporation typically offers its Non-GMO grains below world market prices.  


Our Goal is to be able to provide high quality, nutritious grains at affordable prices, to help people around the world enjoy and benefit from healthy food. 


Euzkadi Corporation will ship its grain in bulk, primarily from the Port of Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico (Sea of Cortez). 

We have the ability to produce all of the grains and products for human consumption listed above.  However, we are currently specializing in the production and sale of high-quality, affordable Non-GMO Durum and Soft Milling Wheat.  If a client desires Euzkadi Corporation to produce and sell another product on a custom-growing program, then such request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

About Us

We are arable landowners and farmers, representing independent smallholders, by coordinating and centralizing production and sales, marketing, transportation, export and finance operations.


The beginnings of the concept of Euzkadi Corporation dates back to the cooperative efforts of farmers and growers in the 1960's.


Our grain is produced in the following states of Mexico:  Baja California Sur, Sinaloa and Sonora.


By dealing direct, we cut out the middlemen and can meet most product specifications for Durum and Soft Milling Wheat and at the same time offer our products at below world market prices.


Products and Services

Our growing regions benefit from fertile volcanic soil and temperate climate, which create a perfect environment for agriculture. 

When appropriately managed, our growing areas provide for up to four crops of Non-GMO Wheat per year. 


Since we are the direct producers and sellers of our products, we can offer them to you at below world market prices.  


Feel free to contact us, regarding our high-quality, affordable Non-GMO Durum and Soft Milling Wheat or custom-growing program for other grains.  

Environment and Safety

Euzkadi Corporation is intentional, with respect to being environmentally responsible. 


We fully embrace our responsibility to support good farming for a better environment and planet.


As a part of our program to be responsible to the health and safety of our clients and consumers around the world, we are dedicated to producing Non-GMO wheat and other grains. 


The grains will NOT be genetically modified!